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Class 3
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Class 3, Prototype, Rank VI, Germany, Event

This vehicle will be the exclusive award in the “Operation W.I.N.T.E.R.” event.

Class 3 was the third and heaviest wheeled combat vehicle prototype to compete for the South African Army. When developing a heavy version of a wheeled tank, the designers were not limited by limits of weight or dimensions, therefore, in terms of weight, firepower and level of security, the Class 3 is a true wheeled tank. The competition commission opted for a lighter prototype, which later became the Rooikat 76 tank destroyer. The Class 3 prototype was exhibited at the Bloemfontein War Museum with a different turret.


The Class 3 is the heaviest wheeled tank in the game. The vehicle has spaced armor for the hull and turret, the armament of the tank consists of a 105mm cannon with a fire control system from a Leopard 1 tank, a pair of rifle-caliber machine guns and smoke grenade launchers. A good selection of ammunition is available for this tank, including the DM12 HEAT with a penetration of 400mm and the DM33 APFSDS shell, also featuring a penetration value of about 400 mm. The chassis of the tank is made according to the 8x8 scheme, and the 786 horsepower engine is capable of accelerating the South African giant to an impressive 86 kph on the highway. The Class 3 is an excellent tank destroyer that can offer not only good firepower, but also better protection than most vehicles in this class.


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