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Ro.57 Quadriarma
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Ro.57 Quadriarma, Rank II, Italy, Premium

This vehicle will be the exclusive award in the “Operation W.I.N.T.E.R.” event.

Just before the outbreak of World War II, the Italian Regia Aeronautica placed an order for a heavy fighter for escorting bombers and long air patrols. The IMAM-based design group proposed a twin-engined aircraft with a pair of FIAT A.74RC.38 engines, armed with two  heavy machine guns. Soon the aircraft was modified - the armament was reinforced with two 20mm cannons, an air brake was installed, and bomb armament added. 


The Ro.57 is a classic twin-engined heavy fighter of the early WWII period that thrives in low-rank battles. The aircraft is able to survive heavy damage, still being able to complete a combat mission and return to the airfield even with one engine. The offensive armament of 2x12.7mm and 2x20mm is enough to destroy any air target that the heavy Ro.57 is capable of pursuing.  The bomb armament of up to 500 kg makes the aircraft useful in mixed battles against ground and even naval targets.


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