Italian Helicopters

We present to you the Italian research tree for combat helicopters. Today we  will tell you about the first three of them. 

AB 205 A-1

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This helicopter is a licensed copy of the American UH-1H  "Huey", modified for the needs of the Italian army. The AB 205 A-1 is an entry-level multi-role helicopter armed with miniguns and LS FFAR rockets.


A.109 EOA-2

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In the early 70’s, the Italian aircraft manufacturer Agusta began testing a new multi-purpose helicopter, the A.109, which was originally created for the civilian market, but immediately drew the attention of the military authorities. A.109 EOA-2 is a reconnaissance version, designed to destroy various targets including enemy armored vehicles. In addition to machine-gun pods and rockets, the helicopter can be equipped with four TOW anti-tank missile launchers.


A.129CBT Mangusta

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The modern A.129 attack helicopter is successfully used by the Italian armed forces, as well as by a number of foreign operators. The helicopter has excellent flight characteristics, outstanding speed and superb maneuverability. The CBT modification was created from combat experience in modern armed conflicts. The Mangusta is armed with a 20mm autocannon and carries a good arsenal of unguided and guided weapons, including Stinger air-to-air missiles and Hellfire II ATGMs.


The War Thunder Team


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