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Crafting event “Strategist”: Lübeck frigate

Lübeck is a Köln-class frigate, built in the 1960s and represents one of the first larger warships built by Germany after WWII. Highly mobile and armed to the teeth, Lübeck will be one of the prizes awaiting captains in the upcoming event, starting soon in War Thunder!

Lübeck, frigate, Germany, rank II. Premium.


  • Decent fire power
  • Good mobility
  • More torpedo launchers


  • Minimal protection
  • Lower calibre torpedoes

Lübeck was one of six Köln-class frigates constructed by the Blohm & Voss company and represented one of the first warships built for the German navy in the years following WWII. Lübeck and her sister ships were designed to counter enemy escort ships as well as submarines and were well-equipped to perform these tasks.

Lübeck was commissioned in June of 1963 as the fifth Köln-class frigate to enter service. The ship continued service until December 1988 after she was decommissioned and sold to Turkey for scrapping.


Lübeck will be one of the prizes awaiting War Thunder captains who take part in the upcoming crafting event “Strategist”, starting soon. Being the sistership to Köln, a rank II German frigate already familiar to some captains, Lübeck shares many of its characteristics to its existing counterpart. In particular, her good mobility and numerous guns remain a signature characteristic of this warship.

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Unlike her counterpart however, Lübeck features four torpedo launchers instead of two. Despite launching torpedoes of a smaller calibre and with a much shorter range, their increased quantity and ability to be aimed at a target instead of being fired from a fixed launcher makes them more suitable for close-range engagements. Furthermore, Lübeck is also a premium vessel meaning that captains will earn more rewards for each action performed in combat - a useful perk for captains still climbing the ranks of the Germany naval tree!

All captains will have the chance to add Lübeck to their in-game fleet by taking part in the upcoming crafting event  “Strategist”, starting soon in War Thunder. Stay tuned and calm seas!

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