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“Shadow Gaming Weekend” Tournament

Together with the “Shadow Gaming” eSport team, we are pleased to invite you to fight in the next up and coming mixed 5x5 tournament. Put together a well coordinated team and help decide the fate of $500 in prize money, over 50,000 Golden Eagles, memorable in-game titles and decals! 

Team registration is open until 17:40 GMT on the 29th of August

The tournament will involve teams of 7 players: 5 main and 2 spare players. To register a team, please visit the tournament page.

Regulations in short

The “Shadow Gaming Weekend” tournament will be held during the weekend:

From 18:00 GMT on the 29th of August until 20:51 GMT on the 30th of August.

  • Game mode: Realistic Battles with markers
  • The tournament will be held in 2 stages: group (until 1 win) + playoffs (until 3 wins) in a single elimination system. Up to 128 teams can participate in the tournament.
  • Vehicles: a preset of popular ground vehicles and aircraft of rank III and IV (USSR, USA, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and China) will be available.
  • Locations: Poland, Normandy, Sinai, Advance to the Rhine and Eastern Europe.

For participants of tournaments taking place between 26th and 27th of August, the “EU 2х2 RB Tanks” tournament will be held, which will sport a similar grid format (G2 + SE).


  • 1st place — $250 (team prize), 1500 Golden Eagles, Shadow Gaming decal.
  • 2nd place — $150 (team prize), 1000 Golden Eagles, Shadow Gaming decal.
  • 3rd place — $100 (team prize), 600 Golden Eagles, Shadow Gaming decal.

Full prize list

Prizes will be awarded to all 7 team members including spare players if they played in at least one battle.

Cash prizes and Shadow Credits will only be distributed among members who registered on the Shadow gaming page. The cash prize will be distributed by the team captain.

"Shadow Gaming" decal


  • Victory in a tournament battle will be in favour of the team which leads by score at the end of the battle time.
  • For the victory to be counted accurately, it will be necessary to wait until the end of the battle.
  • The location selection procedure is only available at the playoff stage.
How to participate in TSS tournaments
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