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Vehicle review: ROOIKAT 105

Until 07:00 GMT on the 30 of July - purchase the ROOIKAT 105 pack and you will receive a special “Approved by WT Wiki” decal.


ROOIKAT 105 is one of the fastest wheeled vehicles in War Thunder for now. Each player can research the original version with a 76mm cannon, but if you want the same mobility with improved weaponry, you can have at your disposal a premium version with a powerful 105mm cannon.

The “Caracal” has everything you need for an aggressive battle: a thermal imaging camera, a stabilizer, excellent driving characteristics and maneuverability.

The “Approved by WT Wiki” decal - is one of the rarest decals in the game that can be obtained by the author of good articles on the War Thunder Wiki and a player who has purchased the vehicle from the review created by Wiki Team.

ROOIKAT 105 pack
ROOIKAT 105 pack
The Kit Includes:


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