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Alexander Pokryshkin’s birthday

This day, 107 years ago, Alexander Pokryshkin was born in Siberia, a Soviet ace pilot, the first three times Hero of the Soviet Union and the second highest scoring fighter pilot of the Allies in WW2. Pokryshkin became not only an excellent air warrior, but also proved to be a brilliant methodologist, constantly improving his tactics and training young pilots. The headstrong and courageous man, Alexander Pokryshkin lived a long and glorious life, being awarded the highest state and military awards, and left his mark on history. He fought and won according to his self-invented formula: “Altitude, speed, maneuver, fire!”.

Until March 23rd (GMT 09:00) the premium Pokryshkin P39N-0 Airacobra (USSR) is available for purchase.

In honor of Alexander Pokryshkin’s birthday, we traditionally open up a time-limited opportunity to purchase the premium Soviet P39N-0 Pokryshkin fighter in the game. This is a wonderful fighter aircraft for battles at rank III, able to hold its energy and perfectly fit for vertical maneuvers. A second pair of machine guns was dismounted to lighten the fighter, so the Soviet Airacobra is slightly faster and more agile than the American version. The main feature of the aircraft is the 37mm M4 cannon. Just one or two hits of its high-explosive fragmentation shell is usually enough to destroy an enemy fighter or light bomber. The gun’s ammo is limited to 30 shots, so aim well and try to open fire as close as possible, if battle conditions allow.

In addition, when fighting in this plane you can get several unique camouflages in battles:

  • (standard) “White 100”, Pilot - three times Hero of the USSR Alexander Pokryshkin.
  • “9th GIAP”, pilot - twice hero of the USSR Amet-Khan Sultan.
  • “Silver 24” from the 191st IAP, Leningrad Front, 1944.
  • "White 01" of the hero of the Soviet Union Ivan Babak, January 1945. Later, Babak was shot down by AA guns and captured so the pilot's comrades considered him dead for some time.
  • “White 01” (ver. 2) - the pilot of the 100th GIAP, Grigory Dolnikov, made memorable inscriptions on his plane about his downed friends: “For Vanya Babak” and “For Petya Guchok”. The aircraft met Victory wearing this livery.
  • “White 16” - fighter from the 11th GIAP of the Soviet Black Sea Navy, at the time of the landing operation in Kerch in the autumn of 1943.

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