War Thunder League Grand Final Streams

Fellow War Thunder Players!

Join us today at 17:00 GMT on the first stream in the play-off stage of the War Thunder League Season 2 Grand Final. Only 8 teams remain in the Grand Final and, while on stream, you can win the unique Silver trophy of the League, influence the matches and pick the best players of the tournament!

Join stream

During each stream, viewers can win the Silver trophy of the War Thunder League, which contains one of the following items:

The number of trophies that will be in the giveaway on the streams will depend on the number of viewers on the stream.


10 minutes before the start of the match that is going to be streamed, viewers can influence this match by participating in a poll on the tournament portal which will give options for the following:

  • Pick the missions that will be available to teams — viewers will have 7 missions to choose from, they can remove 2 missions that they do not want to see in the match.
  • Ban the vehicle — viewers can ban 1 vehicle from the tournament vehicle lineup for all the teams or decide not to ban anything.
  • Pick the type of artillery strike in the match — viewers can pick one of the following: disable artillery strike, leave the default artillery strike, introduce smoke artillery strike or super artillery strike.

The Best Players

At the end of each match, there will be a vote for the best player of the match. The best player of the match will receive 1,000 Golden Eagles.

When the tournament is over, there will be a vote for the best player of the tournament, where the best players of the matches will participate. 

The best player of the Grand Final will receive 5,000 Golden Eagles.

Join us on the streams in the War Thunder League Grand Final, vote and win prizes!

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