Operation “Shipyard”: H-34 and Whirlwind P.9
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Whirlwind P.9 - an experimental pre-production vehicle, the direct ancestor of the British Whirlwind Mk.I heavy fighter. Development of the aircraft began in 1937 and the aircraft in this series had plenty of time to fight against German aircraft and ships during the Battle of Britain. This twin-engine aircraft has a battery of four 20 mm Hispano cannons in its nose, which makes it an effective vehicle for destroying not only air, but also ground and smaller naval targets.


For its size, the Whirlwind maneuvers quite well and is perfect to control. In our game, the Whirlwind P.9 will be a rank III premium heavy fighter in the British lineup.

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The H-34 Choctaw is already well known to War Thunder players as an entry level helicopter in the French lineup. During our event, the Choctaw returns to its “historical homeland”, and so accordingly, we present the US version of the helicopter sporting different weaponry compared to its French counterpart. The vehicle first entered service with the US Navy in 1955 and later to the US army (in 1956).


The US version differs from the licensed French version as a result of its weaponry composition - available armament presets include a Bullpup missile paired with a 20 mm gun, a machine gun paired with ‘Mighty Mouse’ Folding-Fin Aerial Rockets, and a collection of machine gun pods, a 20 mm gun, and HVAR rockets.

Vehicles covered will be available in Operation “Shipyard” which we will discuss later.

The War Thunder team

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