US Air Force day

Today marks the official 72nd Anniversary of the U.S. Air Force!  On September 18, 1947, Stuart Symington became the first Secretary of the Air Force as US Army Air Corps bases came under Air Force Command and a 4th branch of the U.S. Military was born. Through battle, training, and experience in their 72 years of service, the USAF has grown into a domineering world force of over 20,000 Pilots, 300k active troops, and more than 5,400 Aircraft across the globe.

From 15:00 GMT on the 18th of September till 07:00 GMT on the 20th of September

Win 3 battles with an ingame activity of 60% or higher using US aircraft of rank III and above, and receive one of 3 memorable decals.

Emblem of the US Air Force
Emblem of the US Air Force
Flag of the US Air Force
Flag of the US Air Force
“Hap Arnold” Wings emblem
“Hap Arnold” Wings emblem

You can follow your progress by clicking on your Nickname → Achievements → US Air Force Day. Tasks for victories can be completed in all game modes except “Enduring Confrontation” and “Assault”. After completing the tasks you will find the decals in “Decals → USA”.

The War Thunder Team


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