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Squadron vehicles: Me 262A-1a/U1
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We recently added some unique vehicles to the game which players can receive for active participation in random battles (in addition to being available for purchase with Golden Eagles).

The new modification of the legendary ‘Schwalbe’ Me 262A-1a/U1 comes to War Thunder as a reward for squadron players in one of the following updates!

Me 262A-1a/U1, jet fighter, “squadron vehicle”,  Germany, rank V.


  • Outstanding nose battery of 6 autocannons
  • Very good variability of ammo racks for different purposes
  • Low BR


  • Lack of mounted armaments
  • Mediocre maximum speed compared to  post-war jets
Historical background

The Me 262A-1a / U1 is a modification of the world's first mass produced jet fighter, the German Me 262 ‘Schwalbe’. The armament of the A-1 sub-serie, being four 30mm MK.108 auto cannons, had a number of drawbacks, such as cycle failures and complex heavy shell ballistics. For these reasons, engineers experimented with different variations as to the weaponry, including a reinforced cannon battery. As such, the Me.262A-1a/U1 modification was created as part of this program. German engineers managed to fit 6 autocannons in the nose: 2x20mm MG.151/20, 2x30mm stock version MK.108, and 2x30mm MK.103 guns. For the latter, they developed shells with a higher initial speed, and the guns themselves had a longer barrel length than the MK.108, as well as an effective muzzle brake - all to improve the ballistics of the heavy shells.  They built a prototype (according to other sources, there were three units), but the project was not entered into mass production. However, one example was flown by one of the most effective jet aces of World War II, Heinz Bär, who flew it at the end of April 1945, and with it, even shot down several Thunderbolts in the skies over Germany.


In War Thunder, the Me 262A-1a/U1 will be a reward for active game participation by squadron players. Experienced pilots are well acquainted with the classic “Schwalbe” and this new modification of the aircraft doesn’t have any other noticeable differences from other Me 262s. When flying this aircraft, you’d better have a high amount of energy up your sleeve, avoid dogfights (especially with piston-engined fighters), and of course, remember that your opponents can be faster than you. However, as there aren’t likely to be many other jet engine aircraft, and given its relatively low battle rating, the Me 262A-1a/U1 can easily become a master of the skies. 


As many as three types of guns allow players a choice of three different ammo racks. This might be considered the most interesting feature of the Me 262A-1a/U1 - at the same time, you can equip the guns with, say, excellent 30mm armour-piercing rounds for the MK.103, and powerful HE shells for the MK.108 and MG.151/20. So, when engaging in battles at high altitudes, you can easily catch out a couple of clumsy bombers, and with a sharp dive, take a bite out of some ground targets as well - there are many possibilities!

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