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Battle for Stalingrad
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After the swift advances made by German armed forces during Operation Barbarossa and the opening stages of the War in the East, the Battle of Stalingrad marked a major turning point for the Soviet and Allied forces as a whole as the German advance was not only halted, but repelled all together. From August of 1942 onwards, some of the deadliest and most ferocious fighting of the war took place as the Red Army clashed with the wehrmacht’s Panzers and raids by the Luftwaffe in almost continuous bombardment. Soviet forces held the line and managed to exhaust and overwhelm the German forces forcing an eventual surrender of what forces remained after high command had forbidden a retreat.

From 15:00 GMT on the 9th of August until 07:00 GMT on the 12th of August

Participate in the battles for Stalingrad

Available events:

[Enduring Confrontation] Stalingrad - aircraft battles.

  • Soviet and German aviation will participate in the event.

Abandoned factory - combined battles

  • Soviet and German ground vehicles will participate.
  • There are 3 respawns available. To fly out in aircraft and some ground vehicles you need to earn Respawn Scores. The number of respawns on some ground vehicles is limited for the team.
  • The difficulty level is “World War”. A special marker will appear above the enemy vehicle that has been found by your crew. The usual aircraft marker and “lead” marker for self-propelled anti aircraft guns will be displayed. The external bombing marker (as in AB mode) is available for aircraft.
  • This event has 30% SL and RP bonus.

The event series in the RB game mode offers participants battles with historical setups. In some of these battles participants have the opportunity to get additional bonuses. Events can offer battle formats that are different from random battle modes in War Thunder.


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