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Fellow War Thunder Players!

A month ago we announced the War Thunder League Finals. Today, the time has come to introduce the tournament ratings that will allow you to participate in these tournaments.

In order to participate in the Grand-Final and final tournaments of the Golden division of the League, players have to reach the following ratings in the tournament leaderboard:

Air tournaments:

  • 1023 and higher in Arcade air tournaments;
  • 1031 and higher in Realistic air tournaments;
  • 1027 and higher in Simulator air tournaments;

Ground tournaments:

  • 1036 and higher in Arcade ground tournaments;
  • 1046 and higher in Realistic ground tournaments;
  • 1034 and higher in Simulator ground tournaments;

Combined tournaments:

  • 1015 and higher in Arcade combined tournaments;
  • 1025 and higher in Realistic combined tournaments.

If you reach the needed rating in any of the modes above, you can take part in any of the Gold division Finals (air, ground and combined) in any mode (Arcade, Realistic or Simulator Battles) and also in the Grand-Final tournament. You can find out more about Grand-Final, final tournaments and prizes in our recent news.

To qualify for the Finals of the Silver division, players should reach the following ratings:

Air tournaments:

  • From 1001 to 1023 in Arcade air tournaments;
  • From 1006 to 1030 in Realistic air tournaments;
  • From 1001 to 1026 in Simulator air tournaments;

Ground tournaments:

  • From 1010 to 1035 in Arcade ground tournaments;
  • From 1018 to 1045 in Realistic ground tournaments;
  • From 1013 to 1033 in Simulator ground tournaments;

Combined tournaments:

  • From 1000 to 1014 in Arcade combined tournaments;
  • From 1006 to 1024 in Realistic combined tournaments.

All players who have the rating that matches any of the ranges listed above can take part in any of the Finals of the Silver division of the League.

In the final tournaments, players can win unique War Thunder League camouflages for the Soviet T-80U main battle tank and the Japanese Mitsubishi T-2 fighter:

Registration for the Finals will open on June 11th 2019 at 18:00 UTC.

You will be able to improve your ratings and register in final tournaments until the start of each of these tournaments.

We are constantly working on improving and adding more features to the tournament system. Check out the new Realistic Battles tournaments without markers:

Tank tournament 2 vs 2 in Realistic Battles mode without markers for 256 teams:

Air Strike” 7 vs 7 air tournament in Realistic Battles mode without markers for 16 teams:

Next week, all players can take part in the 7 vs 7 tournament that resembles the format of Grand-Finals of the War Thunder League:

In this tournament, players can check the new mechanics of picking the mission for each match.

Following changes and improvements have been implemented in the Swiss tournament bracket system:

  • If both teams do not show for the match, they now receive 0 points each;
  • Same teams can now play a maximum of 2 matches against each other in one tournament;
  • In case that the opponent does not show for the match, the Bucholz coefficient of this match will be calculated in the way that your team played and won against the opponent with exact same rating as your team;
  • In the case that there is no opponent for a team in a round, this team receives victory automatically. This can repeat only in the case when other teams from the low points group also received the victory automatically.
  • Players who are in arbiter and spectator modes in a tournament will not be automatically moved to the tournament lobbies. Other tournament players will be moved to the tournament lobby automatically before the match starts.

Good luck on the battlefield!

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