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Festive delivery
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Tonight Santa has been in a huge rush, and accidentally lost his bag! All his presents fell into water! Two teams of Christmas elves are here to help Santa!

From December 28th, 15:00 GMT till January 3rd, 7:00 GMT

Join our naval special event “Festive delivery”

Look for Santa’s presents floating on the waves and bring them to the Christmas tree of your team as fast as you can. Be the first team to collect 3 presents to win the game!

Your prizes are:

1 victory - “New Year Boar” decal

3 victories - booster +30% to SL and RP

5 victories - 5 universal ship backups

"New Year Boar"

To participate:

  • At least one ship BR 1.7-2.7 is required
  • You are allowed to play any ships BR 1.0-2.7
  • Special event runs in Arcade mode, you have 5 respawns

The War Thunder Team


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