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Challenger Mk 3 - A Royal Upgrade
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The Challenger Mk.3 is an upgraded modification of the well-known British Challenger MBT, introducing, most notably, additional reactive armour elements to bolster the vehicle’s  protection against HEAT rounds. Meet the new and improved Challenger MBT coming to War Thunder as part of the upcoming update 1.85!

Briefly: An upgraded modification of the Challenger MBT with add-on ERA elements that boost the vehicle’s protection.

Several updates ago, we introduced the mighty Challenger Mk 2 MBT to the top rank of the British ground forces tree, giving British tankers their own modern high performance MBT, as a counter to other nation’s vehicles with similar performance. In the upcoming update 1.85, we are pleased to present a new modification of the revered Challenger Mk 2, sporting additional ERA and composite armour packs that increase the vehicle’s protection.


The overall performance of the new Challenger Mk.3 doesn’t change compared to the existing Mk.2 already available in War Thunder. The vehicle still uses the same engine, suspension, gun, ammunition and armour layout. However, what does separate the Mk.3 from the Mk.2 is the addition of add-on ERA and composite armour elements to the front and sides of the vehicle’s hull.

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The add-on ERA packs cover the vehicle’s lower front glacis plates, thus greatly increasing protection against HEAT rounds. The vehicle’s simple metal sheet side skirts were also replaced with composite armour screens on the front and rear portions of the hull sides, whereas ERA blocks cover the centre, offering increased protection for the fighting compartment against HEAT rounds. Additionally, all ammunition is now stowed in armoured bins on the Challenger Mk.3, thus decreasing the chances of a penetrating shot igniting the stowed rounds.

Overall, the Challenger Mk.3 offers improved protection against enemy fire and greatly increases survivability compared to the familiar Mk.2 model. We’re sure that seasoned Challenger drivers will make excellent use of the this new addition to their top tier lineup!

Be sure to try out the new Challenger Mk.3 main battle tank, coming to the top rank of the British ground forces tree with the upcoming War Thunder update 1.85. In the meantime, stay tuned to the news to see what else update 1.85 has in store for you. Until then, happy hunting tankers!

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