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Tanker day of Russia

We are preparing for an important event for the game - update 1.81 “The Valkyries” and to brighten up the waiting we have a special event for you.

From 15:00 GMT on the 7th of September till 07:00 GMT on the 10th of September

  • Win 5 times in random battles whilst driving ground vehicles of rank III or higher and get a new 3D decoration - “Intercom headset”, or you can purchase this prize with Golden Eagles (till 07:00 on the 10th of September).

You can follow your progress by clicking on your nickname → Achievements → Tanker’s Day.

3D decoration
3D decoration "Intercom headset"


  • Battle locations: “Port Novorossiysk”, “Abandoned factory”, “Stalingrad”, “El Alamein” and “Advance to the Rhine”.
  • There’s a bonus that can be picked up during battle that includes:
    • Artillery — an extremely powerful strike that destroys anything within specific radius but it takes a while before the barrage begins. Available for all vehicle types. Is not available at the end of the battle.
    • Repair kit - repairs all modules and restores all ammo.
    • Med kit — restores the crew.
    • Fire extinguisher - puts out fires, surprisingly..
  • The leaderboard is disabled for this event.
  • You may participate in vehicles of BRs from 4.7 to 6.7.
  • Your enemies will be matched on a “Battle Rating” basis, same as in random battles.
  • You can only play solo (not as squad).

The War Thunder Team


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