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The 75th anniversary of the end of the Battle of Kursk

One of the largest and most significant battles of WWII, the battle on the Kursk Bulge was a great breakthrough in the conflict and today marks the 75th anniversary of this historical event.

From 15:00 GMT on the 24th of August till 07:00 GMT on the 27th of August

Play in the special events dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Kursk and get prizes:

  • Win 15 times and get the special “RGD-33” (Bundle of grenades) 3D decoration, or you can purchase this prize with Golden Eagles.
  • For every 20/10/10 (AB/RB/SB) destroyed enemies, earn battle Trophy which can contain one of the following items:
    • +30% RP booster for 10 battles.
    • +30% SL booster for 10 battles.;
    • 3x back-up vehicle for the vehicles that participated in the battle.
    • Random camouflage for the vehicles that participated in the battle.
“RGD-33” 3D decoration
“RGD-33” 3D decoration

You will be only be able to earn a Battle Trophy 3 times.

  • 75th anniversary of victory in the Battle of Kursk are available only in the tab “Events and Tournaments” in all game modes.
  • You can follow your progress in the Hangar by clicking on your nickname -> Achievements -> 75th anniversary of the Battle of Kursk .
  • You can complete the tasks only on the location “Kursk” (in random battles and in special events).
  • “RGD-33” 3D decoration will be available only for limited time in the achievement menu.

The War Thunder Team

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