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Russia Airborne forces day

From 12:00 GMT on the 2nd of August till 12:00 GMT on the 6th of August

Get the “Emblem of Soviet Airborne forces” decal and +88% RP booster for 5 battles by completing just one of the tasks:

  • Destroy 20/10/10 enemies in AB/RB/SB whilst driving ASU-57 or ASU-85
  • Get the achievement “Help with Repairing” 10 times whilst driving ASU-57 or ASU-85
  • Capture 30 enemy bases whilst controlling Soviet vehicles of rank III and higher

“Help with Repairing” is a special skill of light tanks. Use repair assist on any allies and not just of your squad mates. We advise you to use the radio command “Repairing”more often - maybe one brave scout will come to your rescue.

"Emblem of Soviet Airborne forces"


  • You can follow the progress by clicking on your nickname -> Achievements -> Soviet Airborne forces day;
  • If you already received the  "Emblem of Soviet Airborne forces" decal in the past for completing the task you will just get 88% RP booster for 5 battles.

The War Thunder Team

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