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Soviet Navy and the Stroyny Destroyer


The long awaited Soviet warships finally join the US Navy and the German Kriegsmarine! We begin testing the USSR navy with a full lineup of 23 vessels, including the mighty premium Stroyny destroyer, a hero of the Battle for Leningrad.

Soviet/Russian VMF tech-tree includes:

Torpedo boats:

  • G-5
  • D-3
  • Project 123bis
  • Project 123K “Komsomolets”
  • Project 183
  • Project 206
  • Project 206M

Artillery boats, sea hunters, armoured boats and patrol ships:

  • OD-200
  • MO-4
  • BMO
  • MPK Pr.122A
  • MPK-163
  • Pr.191M
  • Pr.1124 (1940)
  • Pr.1124 (1945)
  • Pr.1124 MLRS (premium)
  • MBK pr.186
  • MBK-161 (1944)
  • Pr. 1204 late
  • SKR Pr. 159


Light cruiser:

  • "Krasny Kavkaz"

We will definitely be showing and talking about some of these ships in our Developers’ Diaries, stay tuned to find out more!


With the addition of the Soviet naval tech-tree, we’re pleased to present the new premium destroyer; Project 7U Stroyny, the defender of the besieged city of Leningrad. Stroyny has additional 76mm gun and offers premium bonuses to Research Points and Silver Lions.


For the first two weeks, until August the 14th, owners of the original naval packs with patrol boats (Not Destroyers) will be able to purchase the Stroyny at a 50% discount in the Gaijin.net online store. After that, the discount will be lowered to 25% for an unlimited period of time for those that have already purchased a naval pack.


Naval Pack Project 7U Stroyny
Naval Pack Project 7U Stroyny
The Kit Includes:
  • Destroyer 7U Stroyny (Rank 3 USSR);
  • Premium account for 15 days;
  • 2000 Golden Eagles;
  • Naval battles closed beta access.


Those who are playing on the PlayStation 4 and have one of the premium boats will receive 5,000 Golden Eagles if they purchase Stroyny during the first two weeks of the release. After that, the number of Golden Eagles will be lowered to 2,500. Please note that the Stroyny will appear in PlayStation Store and Xbox Store in the following week.

Download Wallpaper:
Historical Reference

Stroyny was one of the final ships from the renowned Type 7 series. In fact, she hadn’t even undergone the required tests before the start of the war. With only one commissioned engine, Stroyny proceeded to the Ust-Izhora shipyard and engaged the German troops assaulting Leningrad. While the city was under siege, the destroyer’s crew laid down continuous fire on the enemy positions and provided fire support to the Red Army troops breaking through the blockade. According to the official data, Stroyny’s primary armament fired a whole 5,424 rounds on the enemy during the Siege of Leningrad! Due to such intense levels of fire, the ship’s gun liners – the special insertable tubes with cuts that are used in gun barrels – had to be changed twice. After the blockade was broken, Stroyny was stationed in Leningrad, where it remained until the war was over. In the post-war period, the destroyer was converted into a rescue vessel and later on used as a target ship. Stroyny was retired from military service in 1965.

Fleet CBT information:

  • Naval forces CBT runs in special events “Naval Battles” (Events&Tournaments tab). CBT battles may be suspended for technical reasons for bug fixing and adding new content.
  • CBT access with PC and PlayStation®4 players, who purchased the naval bundles, as well as all early access testers on the Xbox One.
  • You may join the naval closed beta by purchasing any of the Naval bundles. In future we also plan to invite new testers from players who have applied for CBT via the application form.
  • A major difference of naval gameplay is the horizontal research system, which allows players fast access to the class of warship that a player is the most interested in.
  • Another batch of players with CBT applications will be added very soon.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I join Naval CBT?

  • You have to purchase one of the naval packs in the Store. 

Q. Will testers earn RP and SL during CBT? Will they need to pay for repair etc in SL using the normal budget.

  • Yes, one of the goals of CBT is to test progression and economy.

Q. If we earn RP / SL, will progress be reset at the end? How many “wipes” are planned?

  • All research progress will be wiped once only before going in to Open Beta. The exception will be crew skill points - they will be reset only if there will be changes (additions/removals) to Naval skills when Open Beta starts.
  • Crew qualifications (Basic, Expert, Ace) for specific ships in each slot will also be wiped, and Silver Lions and Golden Eagles spent refunded.
  • All Silver Lions earned during CBT will remain on your account
  • Silver Lions spent on ammo and repairs of ships during CBT will not be compensated.
  • Silver Lions spent on ship purchase and modules will be refunded.

Q. Will we be able to spend GE on modules etc for Naval and will they be refunded after the wipe?

  • During CBT, you will NOT be able to spend GE for:
    • Purchasing ship modules
    • Accelerating ships research using convertible RP
    • Purchasing ship camouflages and decals.

GE can only be spent on purchasing crew skill points, since they are universal for Air, Ground and Navy on the crews in each slot. Skill points spent on Naval skills will not be wiped, unless there are changes (additions/removals) to Naval skills when the Open Beta starts.

Q. Will players be able to stream the CBT gameplay?

  • Yes, we welcome this.

Q. Will CBT have the same limitations as Pre-CBT (max 2 PC per account)?

  • Yes it will, player accounts will still only be able to access testing on a maximum of two machines.

Q. Will players have to wait for the next major update for ОBT release?

  • Naval development runs its own course and is not tied to the major update release schedule. For example, we plan to introduce the Soviet naval tree during CBT even before update 1.81. We don’t have an exact timeframe for Open Beta yet, but cbt it is planned to continue until end of 2018, but of course, this could change.

Q. Are you going to increase the size of the waves in rough weather? As far as i know, the Nvidia waveworks module can do that.

  • The tests have already included varied weather and conditions, however, most players do not like extreme weather conditions. The interest of players depends on the weather. We have different views, but currently its maximum value should not completely limit the use of any of the types of ships. Right now, players enjoy a maximum at about 4.5 on the beaufort storm scale.

Q. Have you planned to have the smoke from engines and fire / explosion persist for a longer time and change according to the wind? This would increase immersion on the battlefield.

  • Fire and smoke effects currently persist as long as there is a fire burning.

The War Thunder Team

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