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Friday, July 13th: “Bad Turn”

From 11:00 GMT on the 13th of July until 07:00 GMT on the 16th of July - Enjoy Friday the 13th with War Thunder!

The deep forests reveal their terrible secrets when you take a wrong turn. Another Friday the 13th and a new horrifying adventure awaits you!

This weekend only, become a true nightmare for your enemies! Complete game event quests and get a Friday the 13th trophy in which special boosters and unique game items await you: themed decals, decorative items and the Tridactyl title.

To complete the event mission, you need to get the Mission Key achievement for 13,000 Silver Lions in the achievements menu. Relogin and play one battle after your purchase. Then, when controlling an armoured vehicle, vessel or aircraft of rank 3 or higher, get a 3-kill streak in one battle the indicated number of times and get prizes:

Level I

3 out of 13 achievements

One of the following boosters: +113% RP for 1 battle / +113% SL for 1 battle

Level II

9 out of 13 achievements

One of the following decals: “Cannibal’s Trap”, “Bad Turn”, “Chainsaw Massacre”, “Bloody Friday

Level III

All 13 achievements

One of the following decorative items: “Cannibal’s Axe”, “Chainsaw”, “Mangler’s Mask”

Decal “Bad Turn”
Decal “Bad Turn”
Decal “Cannibal’s Trap”
Decal “Cannibal’s Trap”
Decoration “Cannibal’s Axe
Decoration “Cannibal’s Axe

Players that have completed all 13 achievements are guaranteed to get the Tridactyl title!

During the Bad Turn event, you can buy a trophy with in-game items from all the Friday the 13th events!

Additional conditions

  • As mentioned above, completion of the Bad Turn achievement is only possible after you buy the Mission Key achievement (play one battle or re-login after purchase).
  • Event missions are completed in vehicles of rank 3 or higher.
  • You can track your achievement progress by clicking on “nickname” → Achievements  → “Friday the 13th”.
  • For every completed level of the Bad Turn achievement, you can get only one of the prizes shown for the level. You can buy the other prizes in the store.
  • Decals and decorative items can be bought in Friday the 13th trophies in the item store without completing event missions at all. They contain all the decals and decorative items of Friday the 13th events.

The War Thunder Team

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