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Early release for Xbox One!
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We announce the early access release of War Thunder for Xbox One!

New forces in battles! Xbox players will have the opportunity to participate in battles with PC players. Xbox One X owners will be able to enjoy 4K resolution.


XM-1 (Chrysler)


USS Bennion


F4U-4B Corsair (VMF-214)

Early release packs for Xbox One include: access to the Naval forces CBT, unique decals and titles, and also exclusive vehicle models for the console. Among them are one of the prototypes of the Abrams tank - XM-1 manufactured by Chrysler, the F4U-4B fighter of the Corsair squadron VMF-214, the American destroyer USS Bennion and other famous vehicles. Naval battles in War Thunder will be available on Xbox One throughout the whole CBT.

The end of early release and the launch of the free to play version is planned to take place later this year.

We answer your questions!

Q:     When will War Thunder be available on Xbox One?

A:      The game is available for free to all players with active Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Q:     What exclusive content is included with the  Xbox One version of War Thunder?

A:      The following exclusive vehicle packs are available in Xbox Store:

  • USS Bennion destroyer
  • F4U-4B Corsair fighter aircraft of Marine Fighting Squadron 214
  • XM-1 Chrysler tank
  • M5A1 tank of 5th Canadian Armored division
  • M3A1 tank of United States Marine Corps

Q:     How does War Thunder on Xbox One differ from versions on other platforms?

A:    War Thunder is the same on all platforms and includes the same features and uses the same server. However, cross-network restrictions do apply.

Q:    Can Xbox One users play together with users from other platforms?

A:    Xbox One users can choose whether they want to enable cross-network play. If they allow it, then they can play together with PC, Linux and Mac users. If they don’t, they can only play with other Xbox One users. Players may choose to change this at any time before entering battle. You add friends from other platforms, and play in squad with them.

Q:    Are there any restrictions for cross-network play on Xbox One?

A:    For Xbox One users who don’t enable cross-network play, only Air and Ground Arcade are available. Currently, Tournaments, Simulator and Squadron Battles are not available for Xbox One. In Custom Battles mode, you can only play with other Xbox One players.

Q:    Is it possible to use an existing War Thunder account when playing the Xbox One version?

A:    No, Xbox One players will need to create a new War Thunder account. No transfer of progress or purchases from other platforms will carry over to the Xbox One version and vice versa. In addition, currently it’s not possible to link email to Xbox One account in order to access forums or technical support.

Q:    Is Xbox Live Gold required to play the game?

A:    Yes, War Thunder requires an active Xbox Live Gold subscription. However, the game itself will be free once the Early Release period ends.

Q:    Is War Thunder Xbox One X enhanced?

A:    Yes, War Thunder is enhanced for Xbox One X with 4K resolution support, as well as enhanced lighting and shadows.

Q.    Will there be Xbox achievements?

A:    Yes, of course. 

Q.    Does Kinect have any integration with War Thunder? Such as voice commands or movement control/tracking?

A:    No. We do not plan Kinect support.

Q.    Can we play with mouse, keyboard, joystick and other peripherals on Xbox ?

A:    The keyboard is supported, and mouse support is in development. Also, Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas One joystick is supported.

Q.    Do you have plans to create Xbox One tournaments on the Arena app?

A:    We don't have any plans for this at the moment.

Q.    Will we be able to use the Xbox Adaptive Controller with War Thunder?

A:    Yes, it doesn’t matter if you’ll be using regular or Adaptive controller.

Q.    Will there be additional War Thunder Xbox One content such as Avatar pictures, Themes etc?

A:    This may be possible in the future, however not at launch.

Xbox One players will only have access to Arcade Ground and Air battles if they have cross-play option disabled.


The War Thunder Team


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