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F4U-7: The Corsair under a French Tricolore
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Briefly: The last series modification of the famous Corsair designed for the French navy, able to carry a variety of US and French-made bombs and rockets. Hey, tankers! How are you down there?

After the end of the Second World War, aircraft manufacturer Chance Vought continued perfecting its carrier-based Corsair fighter-bombers. Corsair fighters had already proved to be excellent attack planes during the war, and Chance Vought engineers wanted to improve the plane’s ability to destroy ground targets at low altitudes. 


During the Korean War, AU-1 attack aircraft (F4U-6s) were put into service in the United States Marine Corps with improved pylons that allowed them to carry additional armament. Soon after the release of the AU-1, Chance Vought received an order for these carrier-based fighters from France. AU-1 attackers were supplied for the order, as well as AU-1s refitted with the engine from the F4U-4. (Because the F4U-4 cowl was a slightly different shape and size, its air intake was repositioned.)

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These new fighters were given the designation F4U-7, and in 1953 the US began delivering them to France. The F4U-7 Corsairs were last series modification for this incredible carrier-based aircraft, and took part in armed conflicts in French Indochina,  Algeria, and the Suez Crisis.

In addition to standard American suspended armament, the French also armed the F4U-7 with their own SNEB unguided rockets in containers with plastic nacelles, T-10 rockets, and 10 French high-explosive 100 kg bombs.


Interesting: The F4U-7 was also tested with the SS.11 anti-tank guided missile on its cantilever pylons. Unfortunately, this experiment was not particularly successful. Controlling a missle while flying the aircraft proved challenging at best, so the Corsairs with ATGMs were never used in combat.

In War Thunder, the F4U-7 will be part of the French aircraft tree. Its technical characteristics are virtually identical to the F4U-4B Corsair and include excellent speed and rate of climb, agile maneuverability, and four front-mounted 20mm cannons with a generous amount of ammunition.

The key difference between the F4U-7 and F4U-4B is that the F4U-7 features a wide selection of suspended armament. The standard armament (10 HVAR rockets, and either 10x250 lb, 4x500 lb or 3x1000 lb bombs) is supplemented with French-made ordnance also found in jet-powered aircraft: up to 114 SNEB unguided rockets, T-10 unguided rockets (on cantilever pylons, five on each wing), and 10x100 kg bombs.

The French F4U-7 Corsair is an excellent fighter plane and incredibly dangerous for ground targets. It will be terrorizing enemies in the air and on the ground when it arrives in War Thunder update 1.79!

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