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Yasen-Class Nuclear Sub Now Out on Watch
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The Yasen-class multipurpose nuclear submarine, will be a submarine in the Soviet/Russian naval tech tree in the new project Silent Thunder.

Historical background

The development of fourth-generation submarines in the USSR began back in the late 1970s. The primary objective that the military shipbuilders had set for themselves was the creation of a versatile multipurpose submarine able to take on the widest range of combat tasks that had been previously split between several different sub types. This promising project received the designation 885 and was named “Yasen”. The leading vessel of project Yasen was laid down in 1993 and launched in 2010. Multiple changes, which included armament upgrades, were implemented into the submarine’s design during the vessel’s lengthy construction period. As a result, the vessels that follow project Yasen’s lead submarine are built in accordance with the modernized project 885M, which accounts for further enhancements of the submarines’ tactical and technical characteristics, as well as their weapon loadout. Russia is planning to deploy 7 nuclear submarines of projects Yasen and Yasen-M before 2023.




Yasen is faster than other submarines in the game, but also makes more noise. The Yasen’s armament consists of cruise missiles stored in eight vertical launching tubes, and guided torpedoes stored in ten torpedo tubes that are located not in the bow, but in the sub’s sides instead.This solution might seem unusual when comparing the submarine to other similar-class vessels, but it is justified by the fact that the bow of the Yasen is equipped with a sonar system. In Silent Thunder, such a layout can prove to be somewhat advantageous to the Yasen’s commander as it allows this nuclear submarine to survive a torpedo hit to the bow, assuming the crew’s number and skills are sufficient for them to isolate the damaged areas in time.

Only part of weapons equipped on the Yasen-class nuclear submarines will be available during the beginning of the testing for the new online action-game Silent Thunder. We plan on expanding the selection of missiles and torpedoes in the game in the future. The guided Fizik torpedoes will serve as the Yasen’s main weapon in underwater battles. These all-purpose deepwater torpedoes can be guided not only by sonar but by wire too – the latter game mechanic will be available to the underwater fleet testers during the early testing stages. Besides the torpedoes, the Yasen boasts a large arsenal of ballistic and cruise missiles, which are stored in fours in the vessel’s eight launch tubes. We have decided to model one of the most well-known cruise missiles deployed by the contemporary Russian military – the 3M-14K Kalibr missiles with high-explosive warheads. Other missiles, including those equipped with nuclear warheads, will be added to the open testing later.

The Yasen-class nuclear submarine will be available to everyone taking part in the open testing of Silent Thunder – join in!

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