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New music!

In update 1.77 “Advancing Storm” you will now be accompanied with the music from the nation for which you are playing.

Choosing Soviet vehicles and also with victory or defeat you will hear our legendary tracks: “Red-Starred Avengers”, “Arise, Great Country!” and “A Step Toward Victory”. German tankers and pilots will be called into a battle by “Flight of the Valkyries” and for the newly added nations we have recorded new tracks which we present to you now. In addition you can download the new music for free by following this link.


There are already 68 tracks in the game! You have probably heard the previously published "Steel Symphony" and "Heroes of Prokhorovka" and even in naval battles you will hear the specially recorded songs.

Especially for the release of this update we have recorded about 20 minutes of new thematic music, that plays in the game's loading screens and in the hangar for three nations: Great Britain, Italy and France. You can see how the tracks were recorded in the video below.

Baltic Symphony Orchestra, Saint Petersburg

  • Sound engineer - Ivan Borisov
  • Conductor - Valentin Bogdanov
  • Composers - Georgy Zheryakov, Ekaterina Kuzmenko
  • Orchestration - George Zheryakov
  • Producer - Pavel Stebakov

Musc for Great Britain:

  • Composer - Georgy Zheryakov

Music for France:

  • Composer - Ekaterina Kuzmenko

Music for Italy:

  • Composers — Lorenzo Scagnolari, Francesco Libralon, 93 Steps Audio Production Studio.
  • Vocals — Arianna Cimolin


  • Sound engineer - Ivan Borisov
  • Conductor - Valentin Bogdanov

You can still purchase music from our previously released collections of soundtracks for the game: Air Forces, Ground Forces and Naval Forces.

The War Thunder Team

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