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St. Patrick’s Day

From 15:00 GMT March 16th till 07:00 GMT March 19th - Participate and receive prizes!

St. Patrick’s Day has come to War Thunder! Celebrated by Christians, Catholics, and even non religious alike. “St. Patricks Day”, a day commemorated by feast, parade, and community celebration is a day unlike any other of the year. While some observe it as the day Christianity came to Ireland, others express the event as a day to express Irish heritage world wide.

No matter how or where the celebration is, or where you may find yourself. There is one thing you can be sure of. That of all days of the year, everyone in all walks of life, everyone on this day is lucky and all those that feast together are Irish (at least in spirit).

No need to even know who this guy is to dive into the atmosphere of one of the great global holidays! St. Patrick again welcomes players in War Thunder and offers to stock them up with clover and shamrock leaves for the whole year ahead.

We need all the good luck we can get, especially if it can be obtained in just three battles!

“Four-leaf Clover” decal
“Four-leaf Clover” decal

“Shamrock” emblem, personal emblem of the pilot T.Kobayashi, 244th  sentai, Air Force of Japan
“Shamrock” emblem, personal emblem of the pilot T.Kobayashi, 244th  sentai, Air Force of Japan
“Personal motif of Brendan
“Personal motif of Brendan "Paddy" Finucane” decal

Stab III./JG 26 emblem
Stab III./JG 26 emblem


For 3 victories you will receive a player avatar:


Additional terms

The achievement will be counted with any rank 3 or higher vehicle with an activity in battle of 60% or higher! You can follow the progress in the Menu → Achievements → St. Patrick's Day

Decals are in the following sections:

  • “Four-leaf Clover” decal — other
  • “Shamrock” emblem — Japan
  • “Personal motif of Brendan "Paddy" Finucane” decal — Britain
  • Stab III./JG 26 emblem — Axis

If you have already unlocked all the decals you will receive 50,000 Silver Lions for the completed task.

The War Thunder Team

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