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Another round of questions and answers, specific to the upcoming 1.77 Advancing Storm update. Remember, the Dev server is subject to change for the final release to live.

Q. Will we receive the M833 APFSDS round for the M1 Abrams?

Currently we have no plans to add anything newer than the M774 rounds to the M1 ammunition load out, but this issue depends heavily on the final statistics of all new tanks, some time on the main server is required to collect the statistics.

Q. Will the Challenger receive new rounds different to the Chieftain Mk 10 such as L23A1 or others?

Yes, there will be new ordinance in the Challenger's ammunition loadout including the L23A1.

Q. Do you have plans for the Type 74 G/Kai, STC-1 or Type 90 for the Japanese?

Yes, we have plans to add a more recent tank for Japan than the Type-74. It may perhaps be ready for 1.79 .

Q.Are there any other plans for ATGM machines for Japan?

We are clarifying any possible options, so while we can not say the exact version or when, yes, we do not exclude more modern ATGMs for Japan.

Q. Is it possible to see production/later variants of the Leopard 2 for the Germans?

Yes, we plan to add the serial production versions of Leopard 2 tanks, the first of them may appear as early as the major update after 1.77.

Q. Are the AMX-32 or AMX-40 under consideration for France? Perhaps an early AMX Leclerc Prototype? France lacks a Stabilizer tank at Rank VI

With the French, it's all a bit more complicated, since they did not actually have them before Leclerc's mass-produced tank with a stabilizer, so you have to choose between experienced and export vehicles, but we are inclined towards the AMX-40 variant.

Q. Will you raise the BR of the M1, T-64B and Challenger to a 9.7 bracket so that they cannot face weaker tanks such as Type 74? Perhaps the Leopard 2K, MBT/KPZ-70 to 9.3?

As long as new tanks do not interest a sufficiently large number of players, we do not plan to separate them into a separate queuing system, since this can lead to very long waiting time for sessions at high ranks. After the release of 1.77, we will need some time, several weeks for which we will collect the statistics and make a decision about changing the BR for both the new and existing equipment.

Q. Is the L15A4 or the L15A5 round possible for the Chieftain Mk 10?

Yes it is possible.

Q. Why did the 105mm shell for the M1 cost 3 times more than the 125mm shell with the better armour piercing?

All data on the cost of shells on the Dev server are never final. The cost of shells with similar efficiency will be comparable.

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