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"Total Domination" and "Enduring Confrontation"

From 2nd of March 15:00 GMT to 5th of March 07:00 GMT

We noticed that you liked the variety of events for the weekend. Let's not limit ourselves in the first days of spring!

“Total domination”

Only team work! In this event on the locations “Advance to the Rhine”, “Berlin” and “Abandoned Factory” your team will need to take a control over 2 points at the same time and hold them for 15 seconds to win in one of several rounds. Seems to be easy but without your teammates and organized work it will be hard to win.

Event features:

  • Rounds will be solved in one mission;
  • Point will be captured only if there are no enemies inside;
  • You will be able to participate on any vehicles of rank III and higher of any nation;
  • Event will be available in AB and RB game modes in 8 vs 8 battles.

“Enduring Confrontation” Ruhr

Classical confrontation in aircraft RB with fixed setups.

Award for the battle will be given out at the end of the battle. It will also be possible to perform achievements in the event  from now on - for example, to receive camouflages.

Available vehicles

Britain and USA:

  • P-47D-25
  • P-47D-28
  • P-47M-1-RE
  • P-51D-5
  • P-51D-10
  • P-51D-20 NA
  • B-25J-20
  • B-17E/L
  • B-17G-60-VE
  • Spitfire LF. Mk.IXc
  • Spitfire F. Mk.IX
  • Spitfire LF. Mk.IX
  • Spitfire LF. Mk.IXc
  • Spitfire F. Mk.XVI
  • Spitfire FR Mk.XIVe
  • Tempest Mk.V
  • Typhoon Mk.Ib
  • Typhoon Mk.Ib/L
  • Lancaster B Mk.I
  • Lancaster B Mk.III


  • Bf 109G-10
  • Bf 109G-14
  • Bf 109K-4
  • Fw 190F-8
  • Fw 190A-8
  • Fw 190D-9
  • Fw 190D-12
  • Fw 190D-13
  • Ta 152H-1
  • Me 410A-1
  • Me 410A-1/U2
  • Me 410A-1/U4
  • Me 410B-1
  • Me 410B-1/U2
  • Me 410B-2/U4
  • Me 410B-6/R3
  • Do 217K-1
  • Do 217M-1

Combined Simulator Battles

From realism to simulator. We continue to test respawn score mechanics in Simulator Battles. Now we will start setup 3.1 in this game mode without markers.

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