27 February 2018

Squadron squads

One soldier does not make a battle, but two soldiers do make a squad! We have created a special feature for people who like team play in War Thunder: in update 1.77 “Advancing Storm” it’s much easier to band together with other people from your squadron and play in your favorite mode!

In the window of your squadron, a new “Squadron squads” button will appear. Click this button to see a list of all the squads whose leaders are members of your squadron, and you can also find out detailed information about each squad: the current and maximum number of players in it, the list of squad members and its current status (e.g. “In queue: Squadron arcade battles”). Important: squads led by other players, where the members of your squadron are ordinary members, are not displayed! Don’t forget: leadership of a squad can be transferred.

But the most important part is the “Apply” button! You will be able to ask to join a selected squad with a click of a button, and all the squad leader has to do is accept your request!

Join squadrons, band together in squads, and play War Thunder together!

The War Thunder Team

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