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Enduring Confrontation in RB, Floats, CTF.


From February 16th 15:00 GMT to February 19th 07:00 GMT

This weekend, jump into game and have some challenging fun whatever game mode you play. A classic Capture the Flag or the very popular floats event in Arcade battles, the ever playable Enduring Confrontation in the challenging Ardennes location in Realistic mode and an invigorating  all out war in Combined Simulator battles.

  • [Event]CTF: Classic mode (AB)  
  • [Event] Floats (air AB)
  • [Enduring confrontation]  Ardennes (RB)

Combined Simulator battles

This weekend SB players may also join an additional test event with spawn points and markers for 9_1 line up. This event will be available till 11:00 GMT, February 19th.

The War Thunder Team

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