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Tournaments “French Derby”

The testers have completed the testing of the French aircraft and in honour of this we have prepared for you a special aircraft tournament “deathmatch”. In the sky of Normandy the pilots in 5 French aircraft will be face to face with the enemy, but only one will win!

From 15:00 GMT on December 15th till 07:00 GMT on December 18th

The pilot who destroys 6 enemies in AB and RB or destroys 5 enemy aircraft in SB first, will win. To participate in the battle you can pre-assemble a setup of available aircraft with researched modules and experienced pilots or use the predefined setup of aircraft without researched modules and beginner pilots.

Tournament aircraft:

F6F5, VB.10C-1, F-6F5N, VB.10-02 and P-63C-5. 5 respawns are available, one for each aircraft. The order you use them - it’s up to you.

  • To participate you must purchase at least one of the tournament aircraft.
  • The event will be in the format "Deathmatch" for 8 players in Arcade and Realistic Battles and "Deathmatch" for 4 players in Simulator Battles.
  • Economy and research for vehicles in the tournament will be switched off.
  • Each pilot who will uses the “Participate” button will contribute 15,000 SL to the prize pool and the winner of the tournament will receive 120,000 SL in AB and RB and 60,000 in SB.


French pilots never give up!



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