1 December 2017

CTF: Classic Mode

[Event] CTF: Classic Mode!

From December 1st 15:00 GMT to December 4th 07:00 GMT

Capture and defend, one doesn’t work without the other here. Try and bring the enemy flag back to your base, while not forgetting to protect your own from your opponents. That’s how it works.


  • The event is available for vehicles of rank 3
  • Vehicles of BRs 4.7-6.7 are available to play in the event. Your line-up will be balanced according to the vehicle with max BR.
  • A player who captures a flag can be seen by both sides on the minimap and is marked by a flashing marker.  
  • If the flag bearer’s vehicle is destroyed, the flag remains on the spot where he was destroyed.
  • A player may retrieve the enemy flag when dropped, a dropped friendly flag will return to its start position when touched by a friendly player.
  • Allied point is marked with blue rhombus and enemy with red. If the rhombus is empty - there’s no flag there. If there’s a circle inside it then the flag is within the point  
  • 7 respawns are available. 

The event will be held on the following locations in Arcade Battle mode: “Advancing to the Rhine”; “Abandoned factory”; “Tunisia”

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