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Rank VI: Mobilization

Recently we released the update in which we greatly simplified research progress and it is now much easier to get modern ground vehicles! 

We would also like to thank those players who have already reached rank 6, so especially for you we have prepared a special event.

From right now, the 30th of November until 11:00 GMT on the 4th of December

  • Be sure that you have purchased at least one rank 6 ground vehicle for any nation
  • Activate the code “I_HAVE_RANK_6” on the special page
  • After activating the code please re-start the game and play one battle in a 6th rank vehicle.
  • Get +100% RP booster for 10 battles

Don’t forget that thanks to previous changes added earlier, some vehicles have been moved from rank 5 to rank 6. If you have already purchased such vehicles, that means that you have already completed the terms of the event. You can check the list here! Hurry up and research then purchase rank 6 ground vehicles before the end of the event and then you will receive the booster!

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