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It's time for another round of Questions and Answers!

 Ground Forces


Why does the blast effect of bombs, rockets and HE shells not take into account the armor plate’s angle? The shockwave is a thick air front. Just like any other wave, it flows over streamlined objects or objects set at a high angle with a minimum of resistance. Because of this error, bombs and rockets destroy tanks through the bottom when they hit 10 metres away from them, which is completely impossible since the shockwave should simply skirt around the bottom of the tank.

It’s quite a difficult computing challenge to fully simulate the logic of explosive force while accounting for all its characteristics, so we use a simplified calculation. In 1.71, the destructive action of rockets is now calculated using the same rules that are also relevant for bombs. It is calculated more accurately with consideration for the explosive mass and the entire mass of the warhead, so the destructive action of rockets has been significantly reduced. As for bombs, to knock a tank out with a bomb from 10 metres away requires a rather heavier bomb of 500 kg and above.


With aircraft in ground AB, right now, you get the ability to take off in an attacker in exchange for two frags. But when you press the button, you can get a dive bomber, a fighter bomber, or even a night fighter with a huge cannon instead of the attacker. Why has it been done this way? It’s preferable to get an attacker when choosing an attacker, since there are special features for fighters and bombers.  If fighters and attackers with anti-tank guns do well in tank RB, it doesn’t mean that they’ll do just as well in tank AB. After destroying two enemy tanks, it’s somehow annoying to get a night fighter with a giant cannon instead of an attacker, because a night fighter’s cannon can destroy no ground vehicles.

For a greater variety of tactics. Considering that, from patch 1.71, rockets match their real counterparts in terms of destructive force, high-calibre aircraft cannons give skilled players more opportunities because they’re more precise and have higher penetration.


Will Japan have premium tanks like the M46 Tiger – for example, the ST-A2B, ST-A3 or ST-A4?

There is a chance that it will.


Hello! Many ground vehicles have a system installed in which gun rotation and aiming take place in 2 modes, fast and slow. This is most relevant when choosing a vertical lead at firing over long ranges. Will a function like this be implemented in the game?

It has already been implemented. Mouse aiming in the game is much simpler than it is in real life, where it was done using the tank’s real control equipment.


Previously, with the introduction of thermodynamics for aircraft, there were similar plans for ground vehicles too. Do you still plan to introduce the ability of overheating tank engines, modelling their ‘problems’ when damaged and so on? It would be good to somehow use the existing ability of damaging a radiator in battle. Maybe you already have some details about this?

We don’t have any details at the moment, but we haven’t discarded those plans.



Will the D-series Mustangs with 10 rockets have a HVAR?

It’s possible. The documents usually show 6 hanger positions for these rockets on the earlier variants, but 10 is possible on the later versions.


Will there be Hawker Fury models with Sabre and Griffon engines? They weren’t put into series production, but they’d be perfect as premium vehicles.

We have no plans for these aircraft, but there’s another vehicle in production that is interesting and in a similar vein.


The top Japanese bomber is currently the G8N Renzan, capable of carrying 2.4 tons of bombs. Apart from the Keiun Kai, Japan doesn’t have any rank 5 bombers, and the Keiun Kai can only carry one 800 kg bomb, which deprives them of maneuverability. So my question is: could you introduce an aircraft like the G10N1 Fugaku, a truly capable plane that can stand up for itself and compete with its foreign counterparts?

This aircraft was never built and didn’t fly, as is the case with many Japanese prototype designs, it would be hard to model it accurately in the game. So no, we have no plans for that.


Do you plan to remove from airstrips indestructible tents and other structures, and also objects that make takeoff/landing more difficult, especially for a damaged and poorly maneuverable aircraft?

We’re going to try expanding airstrips where possible.


Is there a chance that Bf 109 models from other countries will be introduced, for example the Spanish HA-1109 and HA-1112? Or the Czechoslovakian Bf 109 model, the Avia S-199, which was also in service with Israel?

We don’t have any plans for these aircraft yet. They’re inferior to the original 109s in all respects and they make sense only as rare collectibles or event vehicles.



Do you have any plans for ships larger than destroyers?

We regularly make announcements like that on the website with detailed explanations. So keep an eye on the site – I think there’s going to be more news on that subject this year.

We are always looking for your questions! Feel free to submit them in comment section, or on our Official Forum!

The War Thunder Team

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