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US Air Force day - get the XF5F Skyrocket
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Are you fond of U.S. aircraft? Don’t miss your chance to get a rank III gift XF5F Skyrocket

From September 19th 15:00 GMT to September 22nd 12:00 GMT
Complete tasks of the special to receive a gift U.S. fighter and unique decals

How to get the reward?

Activate the code

Until September 22nd activate a code
“USAF” on a special webpage here and relogin.

USAF emblem

Win 5 battles with 60% battle activity and receive “USAF Emblem” decal

USAF flag

Gain at least 1947 score in 3 battles
and receive “USAF flag” decal

X5F5 Skyrocket

Destroy 50/25/25 (AB/RB/SB) player-controlled vehicles and receive the rank III gift XF5F.

Attention! tasks can be complete whilst flying U.S. aircraft of rank III or higher in all game modes except Enduring Confrontation and PvE.


  • “USAF Anniversary” achievements can only be completed after the code «USAF» is activated for your account.
  • You can check whether the code is active in your profile -> purchase history in Gaijin.Net Store
  • You can follow your progress in Achievements -> USAF Anniversary

From the moment the United States purchased her first War Plane until 1947, the job of securing America’s skies fell primarily to the US Army and Navy. Beginning in 1909 with the first official title of - Aeronautical Section, Signal Corps - US Army.  On September 18th, 1947, American President Harry S. Truman, signed into action the National Defense Act. Authorizing the creation of a new centralized and independent branch of Military Aviation Authority - The U.S. Air Force. From relatively humble origins, the USAF over 70 years has grown into one of the largest, most professional, military service organizations in the world.

Join with us today in commemorating 70 years of  American airpower , achievements, and technological advancement. As well as to honor the men and women who over the decades have served, sacrificed, and pushed the envelope of what it means to be a U.S. Military Aviator.

The War Thunder Team

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