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Battle Of Britain
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From  September 15th 15:00 GMT to September 18th 07:00 GMT

Take part in events “Battle of Britain” in British and German aircraft
and get special Trophies!

How many important battles of WW2 can you name? Of course, many. And how many of them took place in the air? That is why the Battle of Britain - one of the largest and longest Battles of WW2 - is unique.

For the British, September 15th has become a national holiday, the enemy failed to break the air defence and the spirit of British warriors. We invite you to take part in this special event and earn your reward.

How to get rewards

Take part in the "Battle of Britain" event, and get a trophy every 5 victories with a German or a British plane.

Other terms

  • Trophies can only be earned in the special event [Air Domination] Britain (AB) and [Operation] Britain (RB and SB)
  • During the special you may only earn a maximum of 3 trophies for each of the two nations.
  • Battle activity should be at least 60%

The War Thunder Team

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