Legends: Spitfire and tournaments “Royal joust”
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For the anniversary of the Battle of Britain we present a new video from the series “Legends” about one of the defenders of the British skies - Spitfire!  A iconic fighter - fast, maneuverable, with excellent weapons - for a true knight sitting at his reins. Today you will be able to participate in an exciting tournament dedicated to the Spitfire series - fight valiantly and take your reward!

From September 15th 12:00 GMT to September 18th 07:00 GMT

Take part in “Royal joust” event (AB, RB)


All participants are your rivals, only the pilot who is first to destroy 8 enemies wins!  

Players should have rank 3 aircraft available for research. You will receive a preset with Spitfires - from the early versions up to the latest. It is up to you in what order you use them though. 

Every pilot gives 15,000  Silver Lions  when he joins the event, the winner gets 120,000  Silver Lions.

Don't miss! Spitfire Mk.IX (USSR) — a rare premium aircraft will be available for purchase with Golden Eagles! 

The War Thunder Team

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