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From 15:00 GMT September 1st to 07:00 GMT September 4th

Participate in the event “Wingball”

Prepare for an opponent like no other! Wingball! In this event, pilots will need to grab the “ball” and deliver it to any opponent's goal. That all sounds very simple, except for that fact that you have dozen enemies on your six!

Terms and conditions:

  • Available in AB, RB and SB on the “Pacific hidden base” location.
  • In RB and SB, there is also the option to reload weaponry. In SB, the drawing range of the units marker has been increased up to 2,000m.
  • Once a goal is scored with the ball, the scoring team will receive 1000 points for the first set of gates and 2000 points for the second set of gates.
  • The event  will take place with an equal number of team members from 4 to 10 fighters with a Battle Rating of 2.3 - 4.3 depending on the mode.
  • The total amount of the respawns is unlimited.
  • The maximum duration of the match is 10 minutes. If the match is concluded by time condition, the victory is awarded to the team that scored more points.

The War Thunder Team

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