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11 August 2017

Mass test of Naval battles

From August 11th 17:00 GMT till August 14th 07:00 GMT

War Thunder Naval battles!

This weekend it won’t only be successful participants from the pre-beta closed test that will be able to take part in Naval battles. We invite all players who originally applied for the CBT up to the 11th of August (13:00 GMT) to participate with the original testers in this special “one off” access session that will be held from August 11th until August 14th. This will allow all interested players to view the progress so far. After this weekend, the pre-beta will continue with the standard access rules (pack owners and those who were accepted into prebeta before this weekend).

Players given access as guests for the above defined session will not have access to the normal CBT stage and testing will once again be done by the original successful testers.

The list of players who got an access
(use CTRL + F to find yourself)

Naval Test: New aiming system,
hydrodynamics, and other changes.

Discuss on the forums/report a bug
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More more the Naval Forces development:

The War Thunder Team

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