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Fast Lions Challenge!
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Regardless of how well your tank driver is trained it is you who actually controls the vehicle, test your driving skills in the latest tank races! wager on your victory and grab all the rewards!

From August 4th 15:00 GMT to August 7th 07:00 GMT
take part in one of the two racing events!

 Event features:

  • Each player of the 8 participating in the race adds their wager towards the prize fund with SL. The overall sum becomes the prize that only the winner will receive.
  • 2 events available:
    • With a player wager of 1,000 Silver Lions the prize will be 8,000 Silver Lions (1 lap race)
    • With a player wager of 10,000 Silver Lions the prize will be 80,000 Silver Lions (2 laps race)

 Other terms:

  • Only players with rank 3 vehicles and above from any nation may participate. A special racing vehicle will be provided to players for the races. 
  • The race will be held in the “Hurtgen forest” location in Arcade mode. 

Show everyone what you are capable of!

The War Thunder Team

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