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It's time for another round of Questions and Answers!

Ground Forces


Do you plan to introduce ammo containers or other features that decrease the chances of ammo load explosions?

We already have this implemented - e.g. American tanks with “wet” ammo rack  (they have ‘W” in their name) have a decreased chance of ammunition detonation in case of fire. If any tanks had any form of constructive protection of ammo - it is also taken into account.


Italy is represented by its national vehicles, but will there be a mix of the “Lesser Axis” – Hungary and Romania? If we look at ground vehicles, then Hungary and Romania would complement the nation very well.

First we want mostly Italian vehicles, but we don’t exclude the later addition of aircraft from the “Lesser Axis”.

    I want to ask whether it’s possible that a function will be added so the commander can rotate the turret with a knocked out gunner, on the condition that control is reduced, of course. 

Yes, it’s possible. I can’t say anything as to when yet, but this is an interesting and useful option.


Will there be more camouflages (on top of the standard ones) for AA guns that are based on trucks? In particular, the Soviet and Japanese AA guns only have the standard green camouflage for some reason. In battles we find ourselves on winter maps, tropical maps, desert maps (and the survivability of truck-based AA guns is already low, so they desperately need camo for these maps)

We’re going to add winter camo for those SPAAGs, and possibly other types over time as well.


Could you tell us whether kamikaze destruction will be implemented, i.e. light armour getting destroyed when it crashes into heavy armour? 

We currently have damage from collisions between light and heavy armour, which you can check in a test run, i.e. with a T-10 vs a Pz-2.


Is the size of the ST-A1 and ST-A2’s turrets correct? They look rather disproportional compared to historical photographs. Will this be changed?

Yes, we have plans to correct the turret model.



Will the USSR be given aircraft at rank 5 with assault capabilities? As far as I know, the MiG-15bis and the MiG-17 could be equipped with anti-tank missiles and even specific assault modifications.

Yes, our consultants recently finished some research on the subject of Soviet rocket and bomb armament, and we’re getting ready to tidy this issue up, to be included at rank 5.


Can you make a first-person view in the future for gunners in aircraft with one gunner? This would increase effectiveness when manually controlling the gunner. It’d look nice too.

We’re not ruling out that as a possibility, at least for aircraft with one gunner position.


Are there plans to give dive bombers specialized diving sights? A functional Stuvi for example?

We’re not ruling that out.


Nose and tail wheels for aircraft don't seem to function or move with the rudder when taxiing on the ground. Is this intentional or will this be changed in the future?

 The majority of aircraft have self-orienting rear wheels with no connection to the rudder. All turns and taxi operations at low speeds must be done by brakes alone. Best-case scenario was to fix the wheel column to avoid rotating while taking off.

If the column is fixed, then the aircraft will go straight even under full control, it’ll be hard to cause a drift. It’s just when you’re taxiing with mouse aiming and controlling the rudders with your keyboard, the mouse aiming also works as the brakes – activating the left and right brake alternately. If you hold the cursor, then the wheel column in the direction of the rotation will brake. Aircraft have self-orienting wheels in the game if they had them in reality.

As for the visual display, it may also appear in the future.


Large 4 engined Heavy bombers don't really have many options in battles at the moment. There are only 3 area targets on most RB maps and then the airfield. Destroying them is the only option currently and they are not recorded in the player statistics card. Are there plans for more diverse mission objectives/modes for heavy bombers to do more in and show out more in combat?

We have plans to add to the statistics of players total mass of bombs dropped on ground targets to the service record.


Will aircraft that had built in Fire Prevention Equipment (such as the B-29) receive this function in game similar to ground forces?

This issue requires some further study, in terms of the number of aircraft and the operation of these systems. But we are not excluding the introduction of such functionality.

The War Thunder Team

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