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23 June 2017


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There are no teams here, there are no partnerships, in this battle,  everyone is responsible only for themselves.
The new event "Battle Royal" will identify the warrior that understands these rules better than anyone else.

From now till 07:00 GMT 26th of June
"Battle Royal" in AB and RB mode is available via Event Tab.

Only one attempt and one target - become the last player alive among dozens of opponents in a shrinking battle area.


  • You may participate in vehicles from rank III-V
  • Your enemies will be matched on a “Battle Rating” basis
  • You can only play solo (not as squad)
  • Players in the same squadron will not be selected for the same battle.
  • The event will be started for the first time and may end before the scheduled end date

It is not enough to be strong to win this event. So we wish you luck as well!

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