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CTF: Flag Raiser
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We are pleased to introduce the new “Flag Raiser” event - where you should carry a captured banner to behind the enemy lines.
From June 16th 15:00 GMT to June 19th 07:00 GMT

Take part in the event [Capture the flag]

Each team has a task to capture a neutral banner in the centre of the map and bring it to a special designated point in enemy territory - this is the only way to win. If the flag bearer's vehicle is destroyed he loses the banner, which will then reappear a short time later at the original banner starting point. 

Other conditions:

  • Rank 1 tanks from all nations
  • Event is available in Arcade and Realistic battles.
  • Axis vs Allies in Realistic battles
  • There are 5 respawns available for each player.

The War Thunder Team

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