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13 June 2017

War Thunder Live Digest

We continue to compile the most interesting missions, camouflages, screenshots and in general any content created by our players. This part is dedicated to the creations from May

We haven’t updated any tracks in aircraft races. But here it is! For such a gift we need to thank our player _Gilard_, who is also the author of many other missions.

Try it out!

New aircraft event “race” is already available on live for everyone.

We want to present content for both real commanders and simply thoughtful players who prefer to study the battlefield to the last pebble. A new selection of mini-maps for all game locations in War Thunder.

Open maps

Download and practice your tactical skills with your squadron, create guides or just simply move the mouse on the map like someone playing with their toy tanks on the rug.

Compilation of some beautiful screenshots for your desktop.

Author: NiKo   Author: bomberpilot1784   Author: _ScorcH_
Author: NochnoiGid   Author: TheTanner   Author: Lauri_Toerni

The War Thunder Team

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