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D-DAY 7x7 Tactical Tournament
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From June the 1st to June the 10th, 2017

D-DAY 7x7 Tactical Tournament dedicated to the Allied Normandy landings of June 6th 1944

Pilots and tankers!

We invite you to take part in the 7 vs 7 team tactical tournament in combined Realistic Battles mode dedicated to the Allied Normandy landings of June 6th, 1944.


During 10 days, from June the 1st to June the 10th 2017, take control of US, British and German tanks and aircraft and win the following prizes:

Tournament detail

The tournament has 2 stages:

●     Group stage: 16 groups of 4 teams, 2 top teams from each group qualify for the play-offs stage.
●     Play-off stages for 32 teams with full double elimination.


21 respawns are available for each team. Every player can respawn up to 4 times. The following restrictions on vehicle types apply to all teams:
●     10 spawns in a medium/light tank
●     4 spawns in a heavy tank
●     7 spawns in a tank destroyer
●     4 spawns in a SPAAs
●     4 spawns in a fighter
●     3 spawns in a bomber

Players can view the list and the number (reserve) of team vehicles on the battle map. This is shown in the upper right corner of the map. After a successful landing on the airfield, a player can change aircraft without the change being counted in the total number of team respawns.

Check out the streams of the play-offs stage of this tournament on the following Twitch channel.

The War Thunder Team

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