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Become a Tester for Italian aircraft! (Available aircraft list updated)
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We invite you to participate in an historic event for our game - the introduction of a new nation! Meet Italy in War Thunder!

Italy will come from the air and be able to compete on equal terms with any other nation in the game. But before that every Italian aircraft will be carefully tested by designated testers from among our players!

Available Italian aircraft

In this thread we will regularly post Italian aircraft which are available for research and purchase for all players even if they are not Testers.  

Regia Aeronautica Tech Tree

Available Italian aircraft (click to unfold)
  • CR.32
  • CR.32 quater
  • Ba.65 (K.14) L
  • Marcolin's C.R.42 CN
  • C.202 Folgore
  • Breda 88 (P.XI)
  • C.202EC
  • P.108A serie 2
  • C.205N2
  • Bf 109G-14/AS
  • F-84G
  • S.M. 79 Serie 1
  • S.M. 79 Serie 8
  • S.M. 79 AS
  • S.M. 79 bis/T.M 
  • S.M. 79 B
  • Z.1007 bis serie 3
  • Z.1007 bis serie 5
  • C 205 Serie 1
  • P.108B serie 1
  • P.108B serie 2 
  • G.91 pre-serie
  • C.200 Saetta seria 3
  • C.200 Saetta seria 7
  • BR.20 DR
  • CR.42 Falco
  • G.50 Freccia series 2
  • G.50 Freccia AS series 7
  • C 205 Serie 3
  • G.55 sottoserie 0
  • G.55 Centauro serie 1
  • G.56
  • G.91 R/1


Become a Tester for Italian aircraft:

We have prepared three ways to become a tester!



Purchase one of the pre-order packs and get the Tester status


Fiat CR.32 bis Starter Pack

Fiat G.55S Advanced Pack





This pack includes:

  • Fiat CR.32 bis aircraft (Rank 1 Italy)
  • Premium account for 7 days
  • 500 Golden Eagles

This pack includes:

  • Fiat G.55S aircraft (Rank 4 Italy)
  • Premium account for 15 days
  • 1000 Golden Eagles



To access the Italian aircraft CBT you can exchange symbols of speed and accuracy - arrows. Earn 12 tester arrows and join the Tester team for the Italian air forces!

From 25th of May until the end of the test Get 5 wins on any rank III-V aircraft
with an activity of more than 65% to get one arrow.


  • Tasks will be counted from 9:00 GMT every day and ends at the same time on next day.
  • For 7 arrows you will get unique "Tricolore Test Pilot" decal.
  • You can earn only one arrow daily.




Volunteers will always be needed! You can apply by describing your combat merit, and the Regia Aeronautica command may choose you. But remember that things are valued above words and having earned arrows you are guaranteed to provide yourself a place in team Tester!



Becoming a Tester in any of the methods described and you will get access to a special area on the forum where you can report any detected problems and discuss the new vehicles. You will also receive a special forum reward.

Special section for Testers on our Forum

Read more about Italian aircraft:

The War Thunder Team

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