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Dear players, you may prove yourself not only on the battlefield, we have prepared various contests for you, so that you may earn some Golden Eagles or even premium vehicles!

User created missions contest   Military Traffic Code Contest

Here any player may create a PvP-mission. This is not difficult as the War Thunder CDK (the one the devs use) is available to anyone. Up to 12,000 Golden Eagles for the winners and there is also a chance that your mission will be added to the game! Check War Thunder LIVE for ideas and inspiration!


Not enough experience for complex software? No problem! A graphic editor or even a pencil can also make you famous! In the competition you need only to imagine what a road sign would look like in the world of uninterrupted war. Easy, interesting and profitable. Up to 8,000 Golden Eagles for winners! The best signs will also appear in the game!

Here are some works we already have:   Here are some works we already have:
Counterattack by RideR2   KreuzritteR
Aprils Fool 2017 PvP by kololz   Sovetskiy_voin

We are waiting for your creations!

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