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Custom user missions competition (over)
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Fighters, it’s time to show everyone how awesome PvP missions should be! Show us what you are capable of, and create the ultimate mission for others to see; everything you need is available with the War Thunder CDK tools.

It’s competition time! Not only will creators of the best missions receive up to 12,000 Golden Eagles, but they will find their missions showcased in the “Events” tab in-game!

The Competition task:

By using the mission editor from the War Thunder CDK, creators will be tasked with creating a  multiplayer PvP mission on any game location. Your creativity is practically limitless, but, there are some rules of course (outlined below)! Choose any game mode, whether it be a battle inside a restricted area or the defense of an allied convoy of ground vehicles. You can even add AI and use them to heat up the battle. At your disposal you will find both ground vehicles and aircraft. Your ultimate goal: Interesting, exciting, and balanced battle between two teams.

Your creations will be accepted until 29th of April

Please share your missions on https://live.warthunder.com 

Live.warthunder allows you to edit and update your posts, so you can even post missions which are in the development stage to receive feedback from other players.

Rewards for the best mission creators:

Every mission, even those which do not necessarily receive a prize, can be added to the game as an event! Evaluation of your missions will be done by a jury of Developers and Community Managers. The evaluation process takes into account the number of "likes" on Live.warthunder.

The author of the best mission will receive 8,000 Golden Eagles
2nd place - 6,000 Golden Eagles 
3rd place  - 4,000 Golden Eagles 
4th place - 2,000 Golden Eagles
5th place - 1,000 Golden Eagles

Each winner will also receive:

  • The title “I’m creating the game” which will be awarded to each winner!
  • A Premium vehicle up to rank 4 of your choice (you can choose any vehicle which is available for purchase)
  • When a player-created mission is added to the game irrespective of whether it was a prize-winning mission, the author will also receive 4,000 Golden Eagles!

Useful Information and Tutorials (Click here to open spoiler)

How to create a mission:

Here you will learn not only about the mechanics of how to create a mission, but also how to get acquainted with the editor itself. We recommend to start with these articles.   You are not the first! Many interesting missions can be found on LIVE. Download and learn how to improve your own work!   _Gilard_- author of custom missions shares instructions on  how to create a simple PvP mission, with respawns, capture points, etc. Download template.

Survived the training? Now you can start practicing!

Download War Thunder CDK
Start MissionEditor

How to share your mission for participation in the competition:

  1. Login with your account on https://live.warthunder.com/feed/missions/
  2. Choose “add” → “mission”. Fill out all fields:
  • Mission title - be original, we will take notice.
  • Mission type - PvP.
  • Attach the mission file in the format *.blk.
  • Add nice screenshots and describe the mission.

Requirements for the mission and competition rules:

  • Missions need to be created especially for the competition. Only those created missions based on the mission template from the _Gilard_ (attached to the news) are allowed.
  • It must be a PvP mission, for which you will require a minimum of 2 respawn zones - one for each team.
  • The max amount of players in the mission - 16x16.
  • Only use game locations (those that are in the game folder).
  • If you are using pop-up messages in your mission, please use the format: "mission/hint01";"Message in Russian language";"Message in English language"; and the messages need to be saved separately, for example in your post on “live”, so we can attach it to the mission.
  • Be ready to rework and update your mission after our recommendations to secure successful implementation into the game - it is a prerequisite to receive additional rewards.
  • Missions need to be created from scratch. Your are not allowed to use templates or the creations of other players, but you can learn from their experience.
  • Vehicles in your mission need to be presented in the appropriate zone on the location, so it is not possible, for example, to place ground vehicles in a low-detailed area on an aircraft specific location.
  • The creator of a mission transfers all rights to Gaijin Entertainment to use it in the game at any time in the future. The authorship of the mission will be indicated in the description.

Special conditions for adding a mission to the game:

  • It must be interesting to play our mission multiple times. A simple battle between two teams will be interesting just for few battles, but the for example, the task as first to arrive in the battle area faster than the enemy even if their respawn area is very close to you will give the battle additional diversity. Unexpectedly appearing AI targets will also surprise participants.
  • The mission should be carefully worked out. Respawn area at a depth of 10 meters is a bad idea :)
  • If you want to devote a mission to an event, do not forget to come up with a story behind it and describe it as well. Even in PvP you can implement unusual tasks. Remember the “Biathlon” event, where the teams must pass the route parallel to the battle.
  • Even the unusual arrangement of respawn areas can significantly refresh the battle, but never forget about balance!

More tips:

Q. How do you start custom missions in “custom battles”?
A. There are two ways to do it:

First: If you already have any item worth at least $10 from the game store, you can launch the mission immediately for all players in “custom battles”.
Open your mission on LIVE and push the button “Copy the mission URL”.
Launch the game and go to menu → custom battles → create session → missions by URL → add mission.
Choose the name for the mission and paste the copied link into the field.

Done! Now by launching the mission you will open it for all players in “custom battles” and can try it out!

Second: If you don’t have any items from the game shop worth at least $10, just copy the *.blk file to the folder ‘UserMissions’, which is in the game folder. Then, open menu → custom battles and launch your mission for single player mode.


Q. Are there any special system requirements for the computer to work in the War Thunder CDK?
A: System requirements are the same as for the game.


Q: Will my mission work after updates?
A: In most cases, updates will not affect the performance of missions which are built on the basis of existing game locations.

Winners will be announced around 14th may.

The War Thunder Team

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