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The Road for the Brave and Airfield Assault
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From 7th April 15:00 GMT to 10th April 07:00 GMT

Take part in “The Road for the Brave” and  "Airfield Assault" Arcade events!

“The Road for the Brave” 

The team in control of aircraft must capture a road initially belonging to the ground force team, and in turn, they must defend the road against capture for 15 minutes.
The road can be captured by making a short run along it with an aircraft’s landing gear making contact with the ground, similar to the Airfield capture in Arcade domination aircraft battles.

  • Victory is awarded to the pilots after 5 successful captures of the road.
  • Victory is awarded to the tankers if the road is successfully defended for 15 minutes.

Both sides will use rank one vehicles. Command has been unable to provide any anti-aircraft guns to the tankers’ side.

Event Characteristics

  • Mission length is limited to 15 minutes.
  • The event will be available in Arcade Battle mode.
  • Unlimited respawns for both sides.
  • The aircraft team’s points constantly decrease and run out at the 15 minute mark.
  • The ground forces team loses 20% of their points after each road capture (5 captures are required in total).

Pilots, here are a few simple tips that could come in very handy in this battle:

Switch on shadows!​

Enable shadows in your client settings – they can really help you to determine exactly when you make contact with the road.


Some vehicles will be equipped with bombs. Use them!


Don’t stop maneuvering after you touch down! Swerve across the road and you’ll be a lot harder to hit.

Be careful!​

It’s better to lose a second than your aircraft. Be careful when approaching the road to land, and be especially attentive at the moment you touch down.

"Airfield Assault" 

There are three airfields in the town area, each of the two teams has an airfield on either side of the town, but there is also a central one in the middle, this airfield is open for capture by all and once capped, the owning team can capture the others. The central base is worth no ticket bleed, but as soon as any of the other fields are taken, tickets will bleed from the original owners. This will continue until the central airfield is captured again and then the team’s satellite base is recaptured. This will be a real tug of war between the two teams, a real struggle for survival.

Do not wait, start your engine and capture the key airfield!

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