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How can you get premium vehicles? Warbonds! (Reminder)
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Dear Players,

Join the Battle Tasks, earn Warbonds and unlock premium vehicles and other bonuses. We are pleased to remind you that an updated assortment is available in the war bonds shop for April.

Complete Battle Tasks and earn War Bonds by simply playing War Thunder and exchange them for many valuable prizes including premium vehicles!

Battle Tasks will be available to you after reaching the 3rd rank of any nation in the game. You can read more about War Bonds and Battle Tasks in the War Thunder wiki.

Good luck and see you on the battlefield!

M4A5 (USA)

The M4A5 is the US designation for the Ram II tank, a Canadian take on the M3 Lee and M4 Sherman series, fitted with a British 6 pounder gun. This tank unites elements that both British and American tankers will feel familiar with, such as solid maneuverability, reliable accuracy and a quick firing gun. The M4A5 also has an effective front armour plate, making it a true multirole machine on the battlefields. Now you have the opportunity to add this Canadian gem to your collection.

Bf 109E-7 (Japan)

Willy Messerschmitt's famous Bf 109 “Emil”, famous for its role in the Battle of Britain, can now be yours in service with the land of the rising sun! One of the lesser known owners of the Emil, the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force received a number Bf 109 E-7’s for testing and evaluation. Whilst the Japanese did not adopt the Bf 109 into operational service, this German interceptor was put to the test by their pilots. Now you too can add it to your collection and utilize this exceptional fighter aircraft to boost your Japanese research progress!
You can get these machines just by playing!

Detailed list of the Warbond items in the shop this month:
  • M4A5 (USA)
  • Bf 109E-7 (Japan)
  • Avenger Mk.1 (Britain)
  • Pz.Kpfw. Churchill (Germany)
  • Hurricane Mk.IIB (USSR)
  • Emblem "Surprise Attack" pinup, 374th BS, 308th BG, 14th AF, USAF
  • Supply boxes (3D decorations - Signs)
  • Supply boxes (3D decorations - camouflage)
  • Supply boxes containing 30/60/90/300/600/900% SL and RP boosts valid for 1 battle
  • Premium booster: +200% SL for 1 battle
  • Supply box with vehicle rent for 1 to 24 hours for the following vehicles:
    • B-17E (Japan)
    • M26E1
    • Т-44-122
    • Tempest Mk.V (Germany)
    • AC IV Thunderbolt
  • Order

Emblem “"Surprise Attack" pinup, 374th BS, 308th BG, 14th AF, USAF

Decal by Jej 'CharlieFoxtrot' Ortiz

Battle tasks: These individual tasks bring variety into the gameplay and prevent situations when all the players in a battle try to complete one specific task ignoring mission objectives that are needed for a victory. They are available for players that have reached the 3rd rank of any nation. For completion, the player will receive Silver Lions and Warbonds - special in-game currency with their own shop, where you can purchase many of different items.

You can read more about battle tasks and war bonds in our devblog.

Enjoy the new items available and see you on the battlefield!

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