28 March 2017

Best Tournament players March 25th and 26th

Last weekend you played in a record number of tournaments on the TSS! Let us see who won:

Ground Forces Tournaments

One of the heroes of the former tank tournaments, _Dimon_71rus_, won the Tank blitz-tournament 1x1 in Arcade Battles mode. In the finals he fought ReV4, while the player with a long nickname, Renamed66699917, finished 3rd.

It was a tough fight between MistletoeSmew and w4ryat in the American Tank tournament 1x1 in Realistic Battles mode. With some luck on his side MistletoeSmew managed to win the day, w4ryat finishes 2nd, while __DESTROY__ takes 3rd place.

Players from the PVVD squadron won the Tank blitz-tournament 1х1 in Realistic Battles mode - B3PbIB_Mo3GA won, FokaA_ngry took silver prize. And in the 3rd place we have Wiggle_Pilot - it appears that he decided to quit piloting planes and become a great tanker!

The strongest tankers in the Tank blitz-tournament 1x1 in Simulator Battles mode were ZetRoX and _TianShi_16 - they were fighting till the end on the “Abandoned factory” map in the final. ZetRoX has become the champion, _TianShi_16 took the 2nd and EvilBambus the 3rd place.

Аircraft Tournaments

Flying the powerful Spitfire Mk.IX in the Air blitz-tournament 1x1 in Arcade Battles mode was like second nature for _SkyForcer_ - he didn’t lose any duels. His main competitors were tadzik98 (2nd place) and Ayabo (3rd place).

The champion of the Air blitz-tournament 1x1 in Realistic Battles mode remains the same - _socolik_ proved that he is one of the best players in War Thunder by winning 2 tournaments in a row! Tunerovsky and Soarin_Thunder, finished in the 2nd and 3rd place, respectfully.

The best virtual ace of the Air blitz-tournament 1x1 in Simulator Battles mode was _1h_7i_1__1k_7e_. He had a tough battle against *sasha_the_king, who finished 2nd. The bronze medal winner is kopalex1977.

See you in the new tournaments every week on the TSS portal!

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